HP Z VR backpack PC + docking station + backpack harnass

We've included everything you need to power the HP Z VR Backpack PC for VR content creation and consumption:


  • HP Z VR Backpack PC
  • HP Z VR Dock
  • HP Z VR Backpack Harness
  • Two hot-swappable batteries
  • 32 GB dual channel DDR4 system memory


Unlock the full potential of VR with the most powerful wearable VR PC ever created

Avoid getting tangled in cords. This light, comfortable backpack and hot swappable batteries lets you work, demonstrate, or train people with VR in any space.


  • HMD compatibility - Choose your preferred VR head-mounted display (HMD) like the HTC Vive BE or the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset
  • First professional wearable VR PC - Compact PC fits into a lightweight backpack at only 10 lbs / 4.6 kgs
  • HP Z VR Backpack Harness - The harness is made of durable, easy-fitting mesh designed to keep you comfortable


Explore VR without limits

Create and interact with complex simulations. High-end performance VR and the latest high-fidelity graphic card to help prevent dropped frames.

HP Z VirtualReality backpack PC


HP Z VR backpack PC specifications


NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200

The first PC on the market to feature the powerful NVIDIA® Quadro® P5200 GPU with 16 GB of memory

Intel® Core™ i7 vPro™ processor

Nothing slows you down with the latest 7th generation CPU design from Intel®.

Software certifications

PC built for business and optimized for standard VR engines and industry-leading software providers like Autodesk® and Dassault.

Loaded with ports

The top of the system has 2 USB 3.0 ports, HDMA 2.0 port, Mini-DP 1.3 port, audio combo jack, and an HMD power jack. On the side of the PC, there are 2 additional USB 3.0 ports and a 330W AC adapter power port.

32 GB dual channel RAM

Keep working steady under the heaviest VR data loads with 32 GB dual channel DDR4 system memory.

Two hot-swappable batteries

Avoid interruptions to your VR experience due to unwieldy power cords or dead batteries. Use the dual-battery system to swap power cells on the fly.


HP Z VirtualReality backpack PC


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HP Z VirtualReality backpack PC


Limitless possibilities across industries


The HP Z VR Backpack PC is ideal for product development, employee training, walk-through simulations,

immersive customer experiences, and so much more.


HP Z VirtualReality backpack PC